Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Soul is Fed with Needle and Thread

Soul has been starving.  Returning to basics and balance.  The joy I feel when handling a piece of fabric, creating something new, fixing something old, making a garment fit like a glove, seeing people smile has been missing for a long time.  Needles whirring up and down, scissors slicing, fabric flowing, patterns crunching, iron steaming....these are the sounds of my trade.  I am happy to soul is fed!

Basic Price List

The following is a basic price list for some of the services that I provide. Keep in mind that these are estimates and your particular alteration might be slightly more or less. An accurate quote can be made at the time of your fitting/consultation.

Jean/Basic $15.00
Blind hem (machine) $15.00
Blind hem (hand sewn) $20.00
Hem w/ cuff $20.00
Euro hem $20.00
Hem w/side slash $15.00
Hem w/ lining $20.00

Hems/Skirts - Dresses
Basic hem - straight skirt $20.00
Basic hem - full skirt $30.00
Basic hem w/ kick pleat $30.00
with lining add $5.00
Handstitch hems $30.00 (start)
Bridesmaid Gowns start at $40.00
Wedding Gowns start at $50.00

Suit Alterations
Take in through back seam $20.00
Shorten sleeves $24.00
Replace or move buttons $.50 ea plus cost of buttons
Replace lining start at $30.00 plus cost of lining

Replace in skirt or pant $15.00 plus cost of zipper
Replace in front fly $18.00 plus cost of zipper
Replace in jacket or coat start at $30.00 plus cost of zipper
Replace in dress (invisible) $15.00 plus cost of zipper

Pant Alterations
Take in through Center Back
*existing waistband seam $10.00
*w/ belt loops $15.00
*w/out existing waistband seam $18.00
*w/ belt loops $20.00
Take in through side seams
*existing waistband seams $14.00
*w/belt loops $16.00
*w/out existing waistband seams $16.00
*w/belt loops $18.00
Add darts to back $3.00 each
Taper leg through hip $5.00
Taper bottom of legs $5.00 plus cost to hem

Blouse/Jacket alterations
Take in through sides $10.00
Shorten sleeves w/out cuff $8.00
Shorten sleeves w/cuff $20.00
Hem blouse or Tshirt  $8.00

Per minute charge $0.25
Per hour charge $15.00

Custom Sewing and Pattern Design
Per hour charge $16.00

Patches (vests and Letter Jackets)
Small patch (1/2"-1") 1.00
Med patch (1"-3") $2.00
Large patch (3"-5") $5.00
X Large 5" + or Detailed patch $8.00
Patch on sleeve or leather $10.00