Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sew Pleasing

When sewing for a wedding party, it is my task to try to fit and accomodate as many body types and circumstances as possible. In this large 2009 fall wedding there were several challenges to meet. One bridesmaid had a baby just a week before the wedding so her alterations needed to wait until the last minute. In her situation, we added a chiffon, pleated sleeve to the originally strapless gown to give more coverage and support. I used a matching shawl that came with the gown to fashion the sleeves. Another bridesmaid had a surgical scar that she wanted to cover on her chest. I used the chiffon that was cut from the hem to make a halter-style strap that covered her scar as it wrapped behind her neck. The mother of the bride had a gown that beautifully coordinated with the wedding party but she was unhappy with the extreme fullness of its skirt. I removed three layers of netting from the underskirt and made a few adjustments to create a more elegant, straighter skirt on the gown.
This wedding is a great example of how a few alterations and adjustments can be used to create a happy and coordinated wedding party!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Black Beauty

Gorgeous black horse show jacket...this photo shows collar detail.

Jacket back: I cut the fabric so the interlocking circle designs and paisleys would form a symmetrical pattern.

Cuff detail features a gorgeous antique button. I cut the French cuff so that the paisley would be visible on the outside of the finished sleeve.

Front view again mirrors the symmetry of the paisley and circle design. The jacket is accented with Swarvoski rhinestones in Crystal and Colorado Topaz.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Little More Horse Show Bling!

In the beginning - before there were sleeves.

Swarvoski crystals being added - the color is "Colorado Topaz".

I like how this is turning out - almost looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry
or maybe a butterfly!

Reflection of a Beautiful Bride

This lovely gown was originally strapless but the bride and her family wanted something a little more modest so I added gathered chiffon to cover the shoulder. It can be worn pulled up as "straps" or pulled down as in the photo to give a cap sleeve effect.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Little Horse Show Bling

Update: 8/13/09
More rhinestones were added to the jacket per the trainer's request. The number of Swarvoski crystals now exceeds 1500!

My most recent custom project is this beautiful showmanship jacket. It is a long, fitted jacket with oversized collar and french cuffs - all the rage in the Quarter Horse show ring. Hand set Swarvoski crystals cover the collar, cuffs and shoulder areas and accent the embroidered squash blossom design of the fabric. Jacket is fully lined with a zippered front closure.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pick-up Bustles

These photos show an example of a pick-up bustle on a wedding gown with a pick-up or gathered skirt:

The main pick-up point was made at the bottom of the lace covered bodice near the zipper using a covered button and fishing line loop. Four other points were connected on the lower portion of the skirt by hooks and loops:

Pick-up bustles are often the least expensive bustling method (estimate about $10 per pick-up point). They will often be the method I choose when there is lace, beading or other accents on the skirt that the bride would like to show after the gown is bustled. Also, this type of bustle is usually the simplest bustling method for those who are assisting the bride with her gown at the wedding.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Non-Traditional Design

This beautiful, yet non-traditional, wedding dress was designed for an outdoor summer ceremony. Inspiration began with the fabric that was purchased at Allyn's Bridal and Millinery in Cherry Creek, Colorado. It was a sheer fabric that faded from light silver to a deep gray and then featured an exquisitely sequined floral border made of deep purple sequins, pearls and silver cording. I underlined the gown with a silver gray crepe and made a matching shawl from the bordered sheer.

Designing for Hillery

Working with a bride to design the gown of her dreams is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of my work. The design of this gown started out from an idea in a bridal magazine but after several fittings and talking with the bride it evolved into a completely different look. What matters most is that she feels beautiful on her special day and I think that we achieved that!

The gown was made of a winter white polyester sateen with a chiffon overskirt. The strapless bodice was overlayed with antique lace and accented at the waist with an antique pearl broach. The mantilla style, cathedral length veil was edged with a thin winter white cording.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome to My Sewing Blog

Custom gown made summer 2007 - and a really cute wedding guest!