Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sew Pleasing

When sewing for a wedding party, it is my task to try to fit and accomodate as many body types and circumstances as possible. In this large 2009 fall wedding there were several challenges to meet. One bridesmaid had a baby just a week before the wedding so her alterations needed to wait until the last minute. In her situation, we added a chiffon, pleated sleeve to the originally strapless gown to give more coverage and support. I used a matching shawl that came with the gown to fashion the sleeves. Another bridesmaid had a surgical scar that she wanted to cover on her chest. I used the chiffon that was cut from the hem to make a halter-style strap that covered her scar as it wrapped behind her neck. The mother of the bride had a gown that beautifully coordinated with the wedding party but she was unhappy with the extreme fullness of its skirt. I removed three layers of netting from the underskirt and made a few adjustments to create a more elegant, straighter skirt on the gown.
This wedding is a great example of how a few alterations and adjustments can be used to create a happy and coordinated wedding party!